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Published: 26th September 2008
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There is much debate about the necessity and the demand for a PMP® Certification offered by Project Management Institute (PMI). Indeed, there are unstable beliefs on the importance of possessing a PMP® certification on your resume.

It might be very obvious for any professional to come across any other employers who may specify that the PMP certification is preferred and/or required. This is usually because the certifications allows for a standard measurement by which potential project managers can be assessed. However, there are many employees who appear for the PMP® Certification Examination and wish to attain this certification, because it speaks of an employee who can enter the organizational structure, manage projects & people, and achieve desired results without need for more training.

Nevertheless, in last couple of years, there has been a major change in the viewpoint towards PMP® Certification by project managers. Today, the project managers are looking to gain this certification to upgrade their knowledge and skills on various practices and disciplines of project management. It is a great resource of theoretical knowledge, which can lead to a treasure trove of research materials and the best practice research available today. Apart from this, the certification also helps in establishing you as a continuous learner. It enables to make more money. Often, earning a PMP® Certification can quickly lead to compensation increases of 20% and more.

As per the recent survey conducted by independent body shows that PMP® Certification is gaining its importance tremendously and aspiring many management professionals. This increase in project management is set to become even more important in the times to come, as projects become more complex with increased time and cost constraints. Therefore, the role of the project manager has become all the more important. Those who have certifications like the PMP® (Project Management Professional) are in great demand both at present and will be far in future. Thus, once you become a certified PM, you will have complete knowledge in project management fundamentals: Project Initiation, Project Planning, Planning and Project Resources.

These days all business and industrial organizations have understood the significance of qualified Project Managers. In addition to this, these organizations are willing to pay handsome salaries to the qualified project managers.

At present, Project Management Certification is very well recognized all over the world. It is a high-level, vendor-neutral certification which is a suitable complement to any technology focused certifications.

However, in order to achieve this certification, one has to pass the conventional format exam that is designed to objectively assess and measure project management knowledge. Beside this, the candidate also has to must meet education and experience requirements and Project Management Institute's strict code of professional ethics. Appearing and passing the examination is not an easy job, and so a proper guidance can help in gaining PMP® Certification.

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